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h&h medialis

In September 1997 Mr. Jan Hektor joined H&H Medialis to establish the companies internet services. During the 3 years with us at H&H Medialis Mr. Hektor worked in all areas of online production, from administration and project management to web development and server hosting.

Being a quick and perceptive learner, who is adaptable as well as independent, Mr. Hektor built up and maintained all releveant aspects concerning our client's web sites. Mr. Hektor showed to be handling this multi-functional position very well, enjoying new challenges on the way.

His reliable combination of analytical thinking and creative solutions let him master situations at hand, such as server administration or browser testing. During his time at the company Mr. Hektor created diverse graphic and animation material as well as taking part in a 3D training by Maxon Computer in Cinema 4D.

We wish Mr. Hektor the best of luck in specialising his career in the new media industry.

kind regards,
Bernd Hektor
general manager - h&h medialis gmbh

spirit zone recordings

Employment statement for Jan Hektor

Mr. Jan Hektor has been working with us for over 3 years in online services on a free lance basis.

In the last 3 years Mr. Hektor has conceptualised, created, expanded and maintained our label sites
"", "" and "".

Mr. Hektor has proven to be a competent and perceptive colleague and we wish him all the best for his further education.

kind regards,
Ahrens, Wolfgang
(founder - spirit zone recordings)

voov experience gbr

In April 2002 Mr Jan Hektor took on the function as webmaster for our websites and on a free lance basis. In addition to site maintenance over the past 2 years, Mr Hektor recently completed a total overhaul and redesign of our web presence.

For our 2004 website Mr Hektor was responsible for concept, design and technical implementation. The presentation integrates colour, graphics, flash animation and audio in intuitive unison with our business philosophy. The appealing result fulfills all our requirements to a professional standard und at the same time is a playful multimedia art piece.

Working with Mr Hektor was a pleasure. He has proven to be a reliable and creative co-worker and we wish him all the best in his further career

Peter Weigert
(founding manager)

vancouver film school

In June 2002 Mr Jan Hektor came to the Vancouver Film School to take part in our 1-year computer animation diploma program. A self-motivated student from the beginning, it was evident that Jan’s passion lies in creating photorealistic visual effects for film and television.

His inquisitive nature in class meant he was quickly able to turn around animation theory and principles into creative and well-executed results. Being a mature student allowed Jan to capitalize on his former professional experience in new media and the web.

Obviously setting a high standard for himself throughout the year, Jan’s original approach and creative solutions went to show in his graduation project as well. The result of which was visible proof to me that Jan had internalized the schools animation teachings, achieving his first major accomplishment in a 3D animation production.

It was a pleasure teaching such a bright and talented student the principles of computer animation, as well as watching his progress throughout the year. On behalf of all the instructors who mentored Jan, we wish him the best of luck in his career as a Vfx Artist.

Magic Islami
(3d animation & digital effects instructor - vfs)

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