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2000 - 2006

web designer, flash developer & online consultant

→ operating on a free lance basis in various managerial and production roles for various clients from independent music labels and event promoters. tasks range from initial site launches to complete make-overs of ongoing projects and site maintenance. responsible for design and server technologies (see the skills page). tasks are expanding and updating content, planning promotion activities, writing or translating press releases, as well as managing web events and search engine optimisation (seo).


matchmove artist

→ working on multiple feature films (X-Men 3, Davinci Code, Poseidon) as part of the matchmove team at the Moving Picture Company. due to my extensive software and development experience, i was delegated the task of testing new software for integration into the production pipeline.


vfx 3d generalist

→ when joining a newly founded studio based on mac os x technology with an exciting fantasy novel adaption as a mini-series titled "Earthsea", setting up the vfx production entailed software testing (r&d) and 3d previs initially. having extensive experience with the computing platform proved useful in helping other artists make the transition from windows based systems. tracking most of the production’s vfx shots proved challenging at times, for example extensive cg city scenery, close to camera characters, outdoor locations with nothing recantgular save the green screen or night shots with rain and lightning. always happy to take on tricky tasks, i adopted a workflow for tracking an actor's face (object tracking) to be replaced in part with cg facial prostethics covering the nose and cheeks. working in maya led on to creating set extensions, movie prop replacements and plate matching animation, live action to cg character transitions/morphs, hard surface modeling as well as texturing & lighting. taking on essential late shifts in the final stages i additionally acted as render wrangler, optimising cpu resources and troubleshooting difficult maya scenes, as well as attending to my shot production schedule.


vfx 3d previs artist

→ working on the pilot for the star gate sg-1 spin off series "Atlantis", our team was responsible for creating 3d animatics before principal photography commenced. creating cg scene layouts based on the film’s story boards, the previs department set up scenes, cameras, animation and timing for the film production crew to review, usually meeting with the director, producers and writers overlooking each shots progress. daily tasks included modeling, partly of large landscapes, or interior sets and props, animating camera setups and for example space ship animation, which were compositioned and timed in detail. our animatics where passed on to the highend 3d artists for reference or as templates. additionally I helped set up a windows network environment.

1997 - 2000

web designer, webmaster & project manager

→ having joined h&h medialis graphic design & multimedia production company in September 1997, together with my boss we established a web department. quickly began playing the key role in administration, realisation and deployment of online projects. a number of sites dealt with managing media assets, providing a web interface to digital image catalogs and downloadable high-resolution graphics for print & design use by partner agencies. this service was implemeted with the Cumulus DB/Server from Canto Software.

a notable long term project was creating the homepage for a popular cartoon character mouse named "Diddl". in the first year the site reached over 2.5 million visitors, twice as high as anticipated. being its webmaster and responsible for all content of this expanding site for over two years from concept to completion through to maintenance and updates. features included monthly prize draws, interactive quicktime based games, fan information and a WebObjects greeting card application with over 6,000 messages sent per week.

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