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»web production«

production practices

essential components used in crafting authentic user experiences

→ css · (x)html · flash (2d & 3d) · client/server scripting · apache · site maintenance · hosting setup · site-relaunch · webdesign · multimedia · photography · 3d · vr (panoramas, objects and scenes) · streaming media

supplementary expertise

→ pertaining in particular to the underground music and event industries:
conceptualisation · consulting · trends & technology · editorial content management · marketing and promotion · press texting and translation.

internet projects

beiersdorf ag / h&h medialisscreenshot

→ digital media asset management online database

depesche & co / h&h medialisscreenshotweb

→ created the original homepage for cartoon character "Diddl" - a children's website

edeka / h&h medialisscreenshot

→ digital media asset management online database

free form networkscreenshotweb

→ free lance web designer and consultant

goa trance missionweb

→ event promotion website. xhtml, css, budget conscious

h&h medialisweb

→ project manager, web designer & webmaster

plusquam recordsscreenshotweb

→ free lance web designer & webmaster

spirit zone recordingsscreenshotweb

→ long term free lance web designer, content editor, project manager and online consultant

tune town productionsscreenshotweb

→ free lance web designer, flash, html

vancouver latin american film festivalweb

→ relaunched the orgganiser's website with a open source content management system powered by php and mySql.

voov experience gbrscreenshotweb

→ free lance web designer & webmaster. relaunch, flash, html/css, php, server admin

vu le vu lounge & restaurantscreenshotweb

→ free lance web designer and consultant. xhtml, css, flash intro (character animation) & photography

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